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The Air Force Sergeants Association (AFSA) is a federally chartered non-profit organization representing the professional and personal interests of active duty, retired and veteran Total Air Force and their families.


The AFSA membership consists of total Air Force Active Duty (AFAD), Air National Guard (ANG), Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC), veterans, retirees, and families of the aforementioned. As permitted by the Internal Revenue Service which governs veteran service organizations, all grades and ranks are eligible for membership and are included in our membership base of 111,000.


AFSA is governed by a 21 member Executive Council. On that Council is a President, Vice President and five Trustees representing AFAD, ANG, AFRC, retired and veteran personnel, and lower grade airmen; all are elected by the general membership at an annual Professional Airmen’s Conference. There are also 13 geographical Division Presidents who are elected by their respective division members. A Chief Executive Officer reports to the Council and operates the International Headquarters located in the Airmen Memorial Building near Andrews Air Force Base in Suitland, Maryland.


AFSA was founded and incorporated on May 3, 1961, and has evolved into an organization highly respected by congressional members and Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs officials. AFSA works closely with the White House staff, Pentagon, and Air Force officials across the globe to ensure we adhere to the Preamble of "desire to assist in obtaining the highest caliber of men and women for our Air Force, our interest in the welfare of persons who served and are serving in the Air Force".


As a congressionally chartered Veterans Service Organization, AFSA worked very closely with the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force several years ago to develop a fair and equitable Weighted Airman Promotion System (WAPS). During each of the Professional Airmen’s Conferences, we have numerous professional speakers representing specific missions within the Department of Defense and approximately 1,300 Air Force members attend that annual event. In the past, presenters included Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of the Air Force Michael Donley (last 3 years consecutively), Air Force Chief of Staff General Norton Schwartz, Air Combat Command Commander General William Fraser, Air Education and Training Command Commander General Edward Rice, and every year we are privileged to have the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force James Roy and all of the living CMSAF predecessors. Annually, the Air Force Chief of Staff authorizes in writing, members of the Air Force,


Air National Guard, and Air Force Reserve Command to attend the Professional Airmen’s Conference for professional development.


Support for the Air Force and its programs has always been thee major focus of AFSA! The Association sponsors the Air Force Pitsenberger Award, First Sergeant of the Year, Recruiters of the Year from each of the DOD components (AFAD, ANG, AFRC) CAP NCO Cadet of the Year, the Air Force Junior AFROTC Cadet of the Year, et al. At every annual conference, an Excellence in Military Leadership is awarded; most recently they were Lt General Richard Newton (2011), General Norton Schwartz (2010), Secretary of the Air Force Donley (2009) and General William Looney (2008). Each year, AFSA supports every Major Air Command Awards Program, every graduation of the Air Force Senior NCO Academy and those of the Air Force First Sergeant Academy. Additionally, each month, AFSA supports all 55 Fisher Houses which care for military members and their families. All 141 State Veterans Homes are also supported by AFSA on a monthly basis. The various AFSA scholarship programs have benefitted Air Force family members with Combined Federal Campaign (CFC # 10517 and 10518) and annual donations at the annual Professional Airmen’s Conference. The updated total of scholarship funding is $1,765,300. To further benefit college bound students, AFSA also manages, the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Scholarship program with the current CMSAF as a Board Member and the former CMSAFs included on that Board. Finally and in total support of the Department of Defense and the Air Force, a formal Resolution supporting the immediate design and subsequent purchase of a new tanker was distributed to every member of Congress, the White House, and key Air Force leaders. That followed formal testimony by the AFSA Chief Executive Officer to the Senate Defense Appropriations Sub Committee supporting the immediate acquisition of the much needed tanker.


AFSA has been very active on the legislative scene, working to enhance and maintain quality of life benefits for its members irrespective of their grade or status in life. Specifically, we were directly involved with the Exceptional Family Member Program and establishment of a coordinator at every major Air Force installation. Our proximity to Capitol Hill enables AFSA to keep members apprised as issued are being worked, not after the fact, when it’s often too late to bring about change. AFSA has been involved in various quality of life issues over the years, such as helping the CMSAF office to design the Weighted Airmen Promotion System (WAPS), create and subsequently improve the Survivor Benefit Plan, obtain increased military pay and housing allowance, obtain family separation pay for military-married-to military couples, improve dormitories for single and unaccompanied airmen, improve housing for military families, the new Military Education Benefit Post 911 GI Bill) with transferability options, reimbursement for pet quarantine fees to overseas locations, storage of POV, TRICARE Retired Reserve Coverage for Guard and Reserve retirees under age 60, twenty one days non-chargeable for adoption interview/processing of children, the Interstate Compact for Education of Military Children, et al.


The AFSA provides administrative and operational support to the Airmen Memorial Foundation (AMF) which sponsors several major programs to assist active duty, veterans, and retirees in financing their children’s education and in gaining college credits (CFC #10517).


AFSA provides administrative and operational support to the Airmen Memorial Museum (AMM) that stands as a tribute to the enlisted airmen of the United States Air Force and its predecessor services. The AMM collects and preserves artifacts, tells the enlisted story, and preserves the enlisted heritage of U.S. air and space power via public education (CFC #10518).


The AFSA is a proud sponsor and active participant in the Air Force Memorial near the Pentagon. That beautiful monument and surrounding area is a last tribute to all that have ever flown or support the Army Air Corps and the United States Air Force.


This Association is also an active sponsor and participant in the Lackland Enlisted Heritage Foundation at Lackland Air Force Base. This on-going project will honor everyone that ever entered the USAF albeit commissioned and noncommissioned with monuments, educational seminars, etc.


The Air Force Historical Foundation enjoys partnership with AFSA sponsorship on their various printed products and events.


Benefits of AFSA membership are numerous and valuable. In addition to having a strong, respected voice on Capitol Hill, and an opportunity to make lasting friendships, AFSA members enjoy a wide range of member only benefits including affordable health, life, home/property, and auto insurance plans, investment management, college savings plans, low interest rate credit cards, discounted travel and hotel rates, magazine and newspaper subscription discounts, college tuition discounts, Apple and PC computer discounts, mobile phone discounts and much more.


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