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Speak Up: White House Pushes Congress to Cut Military Pay Raise

Sept. 4th: President Obama formally notified Congress Aug. 29th that he wants to cap next year’s military basic pay raise at 1%, unless Congress comes up with an alternative mandate. Historically, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has two versions that eventually merge via a Conference between the two Chambers of Congress. Both versions currently include a pay raise for the military but the House version (H.R. 4435) follows existing law by tying it to the Economic Cost Indicator (ECI) and grants an increase of 1.8%. The Senate version (S. 2289), which has only cleared the Armed Services Committee and has yet to pass a full floor vote, actually specifies a 1% raise as does the President’s budget. AFSA endorses H.R. 4435 and the 1.8% raise, but we need your help. A pre-written letter is available for you to contact your representative via CapWiz, a trusted, email-based tool to efficiently communicate with your elected officials. To use:

  • On the AFSA Website (hqafsa.org), enter your Zip Code in the “Write Congress Today” window.
  • On the following page, select an issue from the “Action Alert” section to send a pre-written letter (drafted by the AFSA staff), or
  • To write your own letter on a subject of your choosing, in the sentence just above the photos of your elected officials, that reads, “Write to ALL of your representatives with one click or just go to the individual pages linked below,” click on “with one click”
  • Write your letter, fill in your contact information, then hit the “Send Message” button.

Note: if you need assistance writing your letter, contact your chapter or division legislative trustee, or contact the Military and Government Relations Directorate at AFSA Headquarters at 301.899.3500, or staff@afsahq.org.

Senior AF Leaders Help Wrap Up PAC

Aug. 20th: The 2014 AFSA Professional Airmen's Conference and International Convention wrapped up Wednesday evening in Jacksonville Fla. with a formal banquet attended by 500, including Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James, Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Welsh, and Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James A. Cody. Thank you to all who attended for making this year's PAC spectacular! Photos of the five-day conference can be found at www. Flickr.com; search for "AFSA PAC 2014."

Summer Congressional Schedule

Aug. 14th: The House and Senate remain in recess for the summer district work period through early September. This is the time that senators and representatives will be working out of their home state and district offices. AFSA members should take advantage of this time period to speak directly with their elected officials on issues that concern them. Attendance at town hall meetings and other public venues is strongly encouraged. Use these functions as occasions to ask the tough questions and to state the issues for which you need congressional support.

AFSA PAC/Convention Begins Soon

Aug. 11th: From Aug. 16 to 20, at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville (Fla.) hotel, Air Force Sergeants Association leaders, delegates, and guests from around the world will attend the annual AFSA Professional Airmen’s Conference (PAC) and International Convention. This convention will be a time of reconnection and camaraderie among AFSA advocates; a time to make important Association governance decisions; and an occasion for exceptional education and professional development opportunities for Airmen. Additionally, while in Jacksonville, on Aug. 19 AFSA delegates will discuss and ratify the 2014-2015 AFSA Legislative Platform--a list of legislative targets that members construct and that will be used as a “blueprint” by the AFSA Headquarters legislative team on Capitol Hill during the coming year. If you’re coming – see you there! If not, be sure to keep up with the happenings via the AFSA Facebook and Twitter updates!

AF Offers Sabbatical to 40 Airmen

July 31st: A new pilot program will allow up to 40 active duty, Air Force Reserve, and Air National Guard members to take between one and three years of partially-paid time out of uniform to focus on personal and professional pursuits. The Air Force announced the Career Intermission Pilot Program (CIPP), in a July 31st release. “This program offers a few high performing Airmen the opportunity to focus on priorities outside of their military career without having to choose between competing priorities,” said Air Force chief of Staff Gen. Mark A. Welsh III. More information can be found here.