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“I spied this other baby [MiG] coming in low.  I chopped into him with short, steady bursts.  That MiG got about 400 yards away and keeled over on one side.  I watched it crash and explode on the mountain below.”  -Taken from an enlisted B-29 gunner’s diary at the AMM, September 1951.


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The AMM was founded in 1988 by the Air Force Sergeants Association and is:

  • A tribute to enlisted Airmen for sacrifices and contributions made while serving:
    • Signal Corps (1907-1918), the Army Air Service (1918-1926), the Army Air Corps (1926-1941), the Army Air Forces (1941-1947), and/or the U.S. Air Force (1947-Present)


  • Dedicated to collecting artifacts, photographs, diaries, personnel records, letters, books and other items pertaining to the service of enlisted airmen 


  • Uniquely enlisted Airmen focused history publications:
    • Unsung Heroes: A History of the Enlisted Airmen from the Dawn of Flight to Desert Storm
    • AMM Monographs highlight a wide array of educational topics
    • AMM Spotlights are featured in AFSA’s SERGEANTS Magazine


  • Dedicated to preserving collections, telling the enlisted personnel’s stories and preserving the enlisted heritage of U.S. air and space power


  • A partner with the Enlisted Heritage Hall (EHH), Gunter Annex at Maxwell Air Force Base, Mont., Ala.


Enlisted Airmen have served at the forefront and on the leading edge of air and space power ever since the first Aeronautical Division was formally created in 1907.  They have been leaders, pilots, navigators, bombardiers mechanics, gunners, police officers, engineers, teachers, cooks, clerks, and more--much, much more.  They helped perfect aerial bombing, test ejection seats, and prove that parachutes actually worked.  They flew   with Doolittle and with Mitchell, and bombed Normandy and Berlin.  Many of them have bravely and willingly sacrificed their lives for the mission, their comrades, and their country.  They have routinely gone above and beyond the call of duty.


The exhibit galleries combine text and artifacts into displays that illustrate the history of enlisted airmen from 1907 to the present day.   The following is a sampling of the artifacts/exhibits currently on display: 


  • Eddie Ward’s pilot’s license and identification tag
  • Fabric portions of American and German planes from WW I
  • John Richter’s Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Ulysses Nero’s 1923 Parachute Jump trophy, the flag that adorned his coffin at his funeral at Arlington National Cemetery in 1980
  • An enlisted airman’s canteen that was carried on the infamous Bataan Death March
  • An airman’s World War II Blood Chit and silk escape map
  • WW II sketches drawn by enlisted artist Nathan Glick
  • A Norden bombsight
  • The Orderly Room Duty Roster
  • A Japanese officer’s sword and flying helmet (traded for by an enlisted airman)
  • An A-2 flight jacket
  • An enlisted man’s letter written from Hitler’s Headquarters on Hitler’s personal stationary
  • The personal effects of four airmen who flew on the historic Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bomb missions 
  • WW II color photography and aviation art of former enlisted airman, William S. Phillips
  • The uniforms of CMSAF #2 Donald Harlow and CMSAF #4 Thomas Barnes.


The AMM has been approved to participate in the Fall 2009 CFC drive as member Charity Number 10518 of the Military Veterans and Patriotic Public Service Organization of America Federation (MVPSOA)


Located in Suitland, Maryland, one mile from Andrews Air Force Base.  Visitors may take the Capital Beltway (Interstate 495), exit 7B and turn right onto Auth Road. The museum is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time.    


Current as of: Jan 2014


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